Dance Programs for our Younger Stars

Dance Programs for Children

Twinkle, twinkle, little stars....... Danscott is excited to offer two 8 week programs for our up and coming young stars. Our first program will start in September with classes scheduled for Saturday mornings.

Tiny Toes: For children 3-4 years, we will offer a “Tiny Toes” program: a program which is more of a general introduction to dance, music and movement. An experienced, mature instructor will be teaching these classes and we are sure the classes will inspire and encourage everyone.

Our fall session for this program is now full but our office staff would be happy to take your name and contact information for our spring session that will commence in Jan 2018. Thank you.

Tiny Tumblers: Our second program for our 3 and 4 year olds is an introduction to Acrobatics “Tiny Tumblers”: students will be introduced to acrobatics with a focus on developing flexibility, strength and confidence. Acro tricks will be introduced as the children are developmentally ready. The class will also consist of a set technical warm up which will allow students to master all future skills. This program promises to introduce proper training to create a solid foundation but with a focus of keeping it fun!

Click here for our Tumblers Programs!

Check out our recent graduates!

Tiny Toes Graduates 2017

Pic 1

Tiny Tumblers Graduates 2017

Pic 2

Fun for all in Tiny Tumblers

Pic 3

Tiny Tumbler Graduates 2016! Pic 8

Tiny Toes Graduates 2016! Pic 8

Happy Halloween from our Tiny Tumblers! Pic 8

Pic 8

Halloween wishes from our Tiny Toes! Pic 8

Pic 8

Pic 8
Our Happy Team of Graduates from our Spring 2016, Tiny Toes!

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Pic 11
Pic 12
Pic 13
Pic 14
Pic 14
Our Tiny Toes Spring Party

"Fall 2015 Graduates of our Tiny Tumblers and Tiny Toes Programs"

Tiny 1a
Tiny 2a

"Spring 2015 Graduates of our Tiny Tumblers and Tiny Toes Programs"

Tiny 1a
Tiny 2
Tiny 3
Tiny 3