DanScott Workshops

Kickstart 2019…..Registration is now Open!,

Please email danscottoffice@shaw.ca for details.

Kickstart 2019

KickStart Workshop

Kickstart 2018

KickStart Workshop

Kickstart 2017

JAZZ1 Workshop
Level One JAZZ

JAZZ2 Workshop
Level Two JAZZ

ACRO1 Workshop
Level One ACRO

Level Two ACRO

BALLET1 Workshop
Level One Ballet

BALLET2 Workshop
Level Two Ballet

Information regarding workshops is posted on the main bulletin board in all the studios. Workshops are optional, however, Danscott encourages students to attend as this is a great way to be taught by dance professionals who have worked on videos, movies and Broadway Musicals. We find that this is a great way to rekindle old friendships as well as building new ones.