Parents Association

The Danscott Parents' Association is comprised of all parents of Danscott students, managed by a Volunteer Executive Committee, with the goal of supporting our dancers with fundraising, extracurricular activities, and timely and valuable information.

The September issue of the Dansnews Newsletter is available for download here.

The 2018/19 Danscott Parents Association Executive Committee members:

• Shannon Proceviat
• Lisa Parsons
• Bonnie Walker
• Kristie Justus
• Tisha MacEacheron
• Karen Ku
• Maria Clowater

We are always looking for parent volunteers to support initiatives including costume measurement day, class key communicators, studio dance exams, props, ticket sales and numerous other opportunities. Danscott Studio relies on our support and energy to make each dance year the best it can be, and we urge you to contact us to sign up and make a difference!!

Danscott Parents' Association Email (DPA@SHAW.CA),

Team DS proudly volunteered at the Salvation Army, December 2017. Volunteer